Menstrual cups are small foldable cups inserted a persons vagina to catch menstrual fluids (blood and womb lining) menstrual cups should be emptied every 4-12 hrs and can be sterilised at the end of a period by boiling in water. If you want some information on how you fold a menstrual cup to put it inside your vagina I have a page about that just click here to go to the menstrual cup folds page.

This image comes from  see below for a list of websites for the pictured cups

This image comes from see below for a list of websites for the pictured cups

XL=extra large ,L=large,M=Medium ,S=Small

also note that some cups come with a collapsable container for use in the microwave to sterilise your . up, you can also boil it in water or use sterilising tablets

Me Luna X,L,L,M,S

Lady Cup S,L

MIA cup 2

YUKKI 1 and 2

Lunette 1 and 2

MCUK (moon cup UK) A and B

Natural mama


JuJu Cup1 and 2 ( also they make JuJu cup 3 and 4 for low and high cervix’s)

Naturcup 1, 2 and 0

other cups not in the above photo but that may be of interest

Lilly Cup and Lilly Cup compact

Monthly Cup

Ruby Cup


Organi Cup

Diva cup

(Hello cup do a XS small size for teens)

Where to buy menstrual cups


Video reviews

There are many stockists here are a few


The cup effect allow you to buy a menstrual cup and one will be donated to someone who cant afford one.

Feminine wear stock a wide range of menstruation related products

Boots or Superdrug sell menstrual cups they are not always available in physical stores but are available online


If you need a latex cup rather then a silicon menstrual c up the keeper cup would be a good choice





Australia and New Zealand

Menstrual cups australia online

Mycup Nz

Here are a couple of places you can find comparison charts.

This is a list of menstrual cups pro’s and con’s developed with precious star pads founder Bryony farmer check out her website here